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Warning: Not suitable for ages under 18 due to graphic language and adult content, see full content warning inside. Reader discretion is advised.

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Mae needs a nanny. Preferably an aging male with a balding head. Too bad the Jedi Knight of Mannies and ovary-charmer, Remi, shows up instead. 


Mae, a single mother navigating a male-dominated corporate world, is trying to keep her company from folding. Days are long and nights are stressful. Add an active toddler into the mix, and life is like trying to extinguish a fiery blaze with a watering can. Seeking balance in her life, Mae hires a male nanny but soon realizes giving up control is harder than she thought. And she really shouldn’t be fantasizing about her child’s way-too-young caregiver. 


Remi doesn’t take himself too seriously, except when it comes to caring for his charges. When a dream job lands in his lap, he’s all too eager to take the contract. Only, he didn’t realize he’d risk losing that job so soon. By committing the nannies’ cardinal sin—fall for the parent. 


As they grow closer, Remi can no longer keep his feelings to himself, but Mae is adamant about not adding more complications to her already hectic life. Can Remi's belief in their connection convince Mae that giving him a shot is worth it? Or is she right in thinking this reckless affair can only make them lose it all?


Are the risks worth taking?


The Manny is a steamy contemporary romance stand-alone. If you love humor laced with raw emotion and spicy cinnamon roll heroes, you’ll love this new book by Nina Bloom.


POV: 1st Dual 

Angst Level: Mid

Humor Level: Mid

Steam Level: High

Happily Ever After: Always 


Wow! What more can I say about this powerful, emotional rollercoaster?
I was so addicted, this was all I wanted to read. I needed to be in their story and I didn’t want to miss one minute. When the story came to an end, I wanted to cry. There was not a single moment that I would have skipped. This had me constantly intrigued.

The chemistry and heat between Lucy and Marco are off the charts. At times, I caught myself flushed and fanning my face. Looking around to see if anyone noticed.
Lucy is such a likable and relatable character. She is real and flawed. Her quirky and fun humor plus realistic insecurities (without being annoying) make her an interesting character to read.

This blew my mind when it came to a debut novel. Highly recommend!


What an emotional roller coaster of a book and a debut novel at that. I am impressed. Nina has the power to make you feel as if you’re a part of the story. The connection & chemistry of Marco & Lucy was perfection even if it took a minute to realize it. The spice was nice and even caught myself blushing 😊
This story was greatness. Definitely looking forward to more that Nina writes.


his author is new to me and I can't believe i found her as she's just beginning her journey!
I LOVE a good age gap story and The Weight Of Our Hearts is a delicious story of two broken souls and what a story it is. It's utterly heartbreaking and before you know it you've read the last page and you've been beautifully put back together again. Luciana/Lucy D'Angelo and Marco Vitale are perfect for each other, it just takes them a little bit to figure it out. These two have a lot of ghosts in their pasts to deal with but it's getting harder and harder for them to fight the temptation. The great thing is, innocent, naive, quiet little Lucy is as fierce as a lioness by the end. This is a fantastic story and I absolutely enjoyed every second of it!
"We tear each other apart, but only we hold the glue to piece us back together again".


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